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We’ll handle the vets, transport, and adopters – you focus on care.

We provide transportation of your dogs to our nationwide network of fosters so you can scale your capacity for care.

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Get your highest need pets out of the shelter today
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Decrease your costs
We’ll front the vaccination and spay/neutering cost for every dog we tag.
Find more fosters
Get connected to experienced fosters from your local area and beyond in 30 days.
Guaranteed transports
We'll manage safe and frequent transport of pets to adopters and fosters.
Our Partners

Our partners love to work with us because we put dogs first.

some of our shelter Partners...
No other rescues or shelters would touch this dog, and you found an adopter. We’re so lucky to have found you!
Officer Poulter
What a great experience… I look forward to the next dog that gets picked!
Officer Hawley
Our process
Identify your highest need pets.
We’ll match each dog and transport them to our verified PetPair fosters
We’ll give every pet a living, breathing, shareable profile and show it to qualified adopters across the country.
We'll be there 24/7 to help you achieve your foster program goals.
Questions? We promise we won't bite.

Who fosters with PetPair?

We find the best foster caregivers across the United States. They should have prior experience fostering multiple animals, know how to handle common challenges (e.g. house training), and (ideally) have a regular presence on social media platforms.

What if I have an existing foster program?

We’d still love to work together! Through our network, your fosters will learn how to tackle the challenges of fostering from the best-of-the-best. This will reduce foster burnout, foster turnover, and the number of questions your staff needs to answer.
If you need us to help you free up capacity, we’re always there, to support as much or as little as you need.

How does PetPair transport animals?

We work with you to find trusted transport partners you feel comfortable with! If you have an existing network, we are happy to make them our "first choice" transport partner. We also have our own partners, developed through partnership with Doobert, as well as vetted and trusted contractors.

How does PetPair handle returns?

In the case of a failed adoption, we will first direct the pet to the foster. If the foster is unable to take on the pet at this time, we will work with you to find an appropriate solution.

How does PetPair expand my shelter’s reach?

We’ve built a platform to showcase each and every adoptable pet in their best light. On each pet profile page, we’ll put your shelter front and center – and as more fosters join PetPair and post about their pets, they’ll become more aware of your shelter and its impact. We also empower and encourage fosters to share – 78% are willing to to share stories and content, with encouragement from us!

Is PetPair a 501(c)3?

Yes! We run all foster and adoption outcomes through our 501(c)3 organization.
We do have a venture-backed, for-profit arm, so sustainability is not an immediate concern! That being said, we plan to earn revenue through affiliate marketing efforts targeted toward the adopter.

What else does PetPair do?

We conduct background checks on each and every foster, coordinate transport of pets between shelters, fosters, and adopters, and ensure transparency of outcome for our shelters.

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