PetPair <> Petfinder

At PetPair, we’ve always strived to find homes for dogs in shelters and fosters’ care nationwide as quickly as possible. With 3000+ dogs expected to be taken in by our shelter partners in the next year, it’s essential to employ every tool in our toolbox to find adopters in local areas and around the country. As part of that effort, we are excited to expand our core offering to include automatically posting animals on our Petfinder page as well as our own platform!

Every new PetPair animal will be posted on Petfinder within 15 minutes or less. Moreover, every update, photo, and video that a foster shares will be automatically added to both their Petfinder listing and their PetPair profile page. Finally, profile listings they will be immediately taken down from our site and Petfinder the moment their adoption applications are accepted. 

- What this means for adopters: Adopters will no longer have to worry about whether the animal is actually available

- What this means for shelters and rescues: Our partner shelters and rescues will have more access to fosters and adopters than ever before. They can rest easy that listings on our site will be kept up-to-date! 

With this new rollout, we are building a world that’s easier for shelters, more pain-free for adopters, and more performant for animals searching for homes. 

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

For more information on joining our shelter and rescue network, please feel free to learn more here.

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