Announcing our $1.1M fundraise

PetPair started with an idea: building a world where pets come first. PetPair cofounders Daniel and Aanandh were fed up with how pet acquisition didn’t work for adopters and pets nationwide. While well-off adopters began turning to breeders, 1.5M pets were euthanized or died in care at shelters that year simply because they could only service local demand with local supply. 

We started building a product that would work with shelters and rescues to end euthanisia nationwide and make pet adoption as seamless as buying anything else over the internet.

As such, we’re beyond excited to announce that we’ve raised $1.1M to expand our unique pet adoption marketplace nationwide! Our investors have made a huge commitment to unlocking a nationwide sea-change in animal welfare. 

In a few years, we see PetPair maintaining a community of fosters numbering in the tens and hundreds of thousands, providing homes for millions of pets each year, and powering recommendations for the $100B of pet products and services sold annually. This is only the beginning!

Read more about our fundraise in Yahoo Finance here.

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