A sea change in fostering

PetPair is powered by fosters – incredible individuals who sacrifice their time, talent, and resources to care for animals in need. After the COVID-19 pandemic showed us just how important fosters were to shelters nationwide, shelters are again filled to the brim and desperate to find additional capacity for their animals.  

After hundreds of conversations with fosters, animal welfare organizations, and the foremost experts in the industry, we know fosters are sorely needed to fill the gap in animal welfare – but they need support. From supplies and medical care to food and toys, the financial cost of fostering can quickly add up. Cost is all too often an insurmountable barrier for households who would otherwise make excellent foster homes.

To solve this crucial gap, PetPair will begin providing direct financial support to its super fosters! More details will be arriving soon, but we are happy to answer questions in the meantime.

How does the organization afford to compensate fosters?

We re-invest our adoption fees and revenue share from selling affiliate partners’ goods and services at the time of adoption into our fostering program.

Will fosters still be allowed to foster-to-adopt?

Of course! If a foster falls in love with their foster animal, we will arrange for their adoption – and fosters will be encouraged to continuing fostering after their newest furbaby adjusts to their new home.

How much are fosters paid?

This varies by market, but the opportunity will be available to all fosters who apply on our site here

How does this impact your partner shelters and rescues?  

Our partner shelters and rescues are essential partners in moving this sea change forward. As such, they will continue to access our nationwide foster network, transportation services, and demand generation offerings for free.

For more information on fostering at-risk animals in your area, please feel free to learn more here.

For more information on joining our shelter and rescue network, please feel free to learn more here.

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