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PetPair is fostering reimagined: we bring you the most at-risk animals from overcapacity shelters nationwide and help you prepare them for adoption. Create a beautiful, sharable profile for adopters in seconds, connect with other experienced fosters, and find adopter matches from across the country so you can focus on supporting the pets who most need your care.

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Increase the chances of your pet finding the perfect home by showing off your pet’s unique personality and getting them in front of hundreds of screened, verified adopters.
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Why should people foster?

With PetPair, opening your home means saving the life of an animal companion. In the meantime, you gain an animal companion without making a lifetime commitment to an animal, and can help at-risk pets transition from the stress of living at the shelter to the joys of living with a family of their own!

What are the benefits of fostering through PetPair?

We’re dog people who care deeply about YOU as a foster. We encourage our fosters to de-stress, and we connect our fosters to a network who can guide you through dealing with pets’ behavioral issues, breed-specific training, separation anxiety, and more. We also make the adoption process quick and easy to make sure you can focus on providing the best care for your pet.

What are the commitments for being a PetPair foster champion?

When you sign up, you are volunteering to help save a pet’s life by opening up your home to them. It’ll be your job to provide a safe, clean, and caring environment, as well as food, water, litter, exercise and socialization. PetPair will support you with resources (like toys and materials) and guidance throughout your fostering journey with the pet!

When will I start fostering after I sign up?

We’ll let you know as soon as you’re paired with a pet in need!

How does PetPair support fosters during the pets time in foster care?

In addition to our PetPair Foster Champion Network, we are continuously rolling out new features and sending resources to the community in order to support our most important partners.

What kinds of pets can I foster?

Right now, PetPair is primarily focused on dogs and cats!

How does the adopter matching process work?

We'll tailor the adopter matches according to their personality match with your foster dog.

I'm already fostering with a shelter or rescue. Can I still help?

Yes! We would love to help you find adopter matches for your pet, and encourage you to sign up and join our beta.

I am not able to foster right now. How can I help?

Sign up to share your expertise, join our foster community, and help with short-term foster stays for animals on the move!

How do you handle returns?

In the unlikely event that an adopter and a pet do not fit, we will return a pet to you, the foster, and contact previous applicants to see if there is a match.

Do you allow non-local adopters to be matched with our pet? And how does transport work?

Yes, and we will handle transport for the furball so you can focus on providing excellent care! All of our transport providers are vetted – they’ll make travel for your foster as stress-free as possible, take care of paperwork, and ensure your foster has the proper vaccines and shots.

How do I meet adopters?

At PetPair, your safety is our top priority. We will facilitate both in-person and virtual meetings, depending on your preference. Either way, every adopter match will be vetted, and you will be able to opt-in to background checks for each prospective adopter.

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